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Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:01 pm

Hi all.
Recently I was surfing the forum for info with regards to cracked manifolds. Thanks to everyone who tried to assist.

Maybe the information is valuable to the gen 3 older model owners.
I spoke to Roddy ( power flow ) in Belville.
I explained to him that I am 100% sure my exhaust manifolds is either cracked or the gasket is shot. I requested 2 x sets of branches to be fitted. Roddy was very sceptical about fitting the branches on my gen 3 v6 3.5 or 3.0 engines.
He said if the stock manifolds covered 350 to 400km he will gladly fit branches/headers for me.

See that my vehicle manifolds covered 250km. Confidently he ssid he will strip the manifolds and weld the cracks.
Roddy explained he weld so many exhaust manifolds he lost count and without any returns.

I collected my car today from Powerflow today.
Both exhaust manifolds were cracked, the labour time was 6 hours, to strip, weld, skim and refit at a cost of 3k including labour and parts.
Power flow also advised that I run without heat shields over the manifolds. I took his advise and request that he should not fit them back on again

I hope the info is of some assistance to the Guy's that stil run with the stock manifolds.
I will keep the forum posted on any changes/defect that might occur to the manifolds.

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