J&M Engines

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J&M Engines

Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:54 pm

Good Afternoon

i am looking at purchasing an engine from J&M Engines in Krugersdorp. Has anyone on the forum had any dealings with them?

I like to do my background checks


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Re: J&M Engines

Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:03 am

Hi Mark

Stay as far away as possible from those guys. We bought an engine from Wayne in July 2017, paid R50 000 and to date we have not had a replacement engine that we can use. Every time we collect the vehicle from him, we can drive a maximum of about 30 km before something packs up and we have to have it towed in

The last promise in December was that he would pay back R25 000 of the R50 000 we spent and to date not a cent paid back.

We have now put our lawyers on him but even when they phone, he avoids the calls so at this stage we are having the documents delivered by hand

We even visited his workshop and offices on numerous occasions, staff are arrogant and demanding, always a different story, never the truth. At some stage he had to replace the turbo as it was suddenly also not working. Seems that he strips the engines that he gets in from you and me and then he uses the good components to try and fix other engines and then we end up waiting and paying

Stay FAR away if you do not want to end up with years of drama. He was so arrogant the last time, he said he cannot pay us back anything because he is thinking about liquidating as he does not have any money.

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