Pajerosport 2.5 4x4 smoke question

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Pajerosport 2.5 4x4 smoke question

Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:51 am

Hi guys.
Bough a 2013 Pajerosport 2.5 4x4 auto in 2018.
83 000 km on clock then, and now 91 000km

I took it to Mitsitech for its 90 000 km cambelt service, and a general checkup, as well as to why it smokes when pulling away or accelerating....

The smoke irritates me, my previous 3.2 did NOT do this.
When you start the 2.5, NO smoke are visible, not even when you rev it up to 4000 rpm in "park" position.
The moment you put it in gear and put pedal to the metal, soft or hard, it smokes up......strange man

anyway. according to Arnold at Mitsitech that is normal for the 2.5 high power engine and is within the range of smoke....but according to the European standards for CO emissions it was not acceptable and the reason why that specific 2.5 engine were discontinued.

Did anybody fixed theirs? Any ideas to how this smoke can be stopped . CAT is out.
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Re: Pajerosport 2.5 4x4 smoke question

Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:21 pm

Unfortunately it’s common on the 2.5
It’s been discussed in some forums but I havnt come across any solutions.
It’s strange as some times it happens quite often and other times not very often.
Had mine for 90k now and I believe when I removed that CAT it improved the amount of smoke but increased the diesel smell?
I did personally query it with a Mitsi dealership and got the same reply that it’s normal for our motors.
Too be honest one of the very few things that bug me on the vehicle - generally it’s an incredible vehicle.
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Re: Pajerosport 2.5 4x4 smoke question

Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:11 am

Hi Guys
On the smoke matter: I think you answered yourself with the the 4 words: "The CAT is out"
Once your CAT is out you cannot refer, or compare, to European CO Emission standards any more.
I do not have a 2.5 and cannot talk from experience on the 2.5.
However, on the 3,2, I (Mitsitech) blanked the EGR off AND took the CAT out :o :shock:
Yip, I have some more smoke during hard acceleration and when it is really working hard (Dune driving and heavy Towing at serious uphills)
But man, it is NIPPY :D :D
Which of the 2 mods contributed the most towards the extra smoke? It is my opinion that the EGR contribute about 60-70% and the CAT about 30-40%.
Fuel consumption:
- this weekend again Pretoria to Vereeniging and back : 8.8L/100km(Freeway driving all the way)
- General driving in and around town : 11 - 12L/100km
So, if want that extra performance from the "Free Flow" through your exhaust, live with the little extra smoke which is visible by occasion.
You will soon learn how to use your accelerator to get the performance but with little smoke and when you do not give a damn, you just want this vehicle to GO!!
Happy 4 x 4-ing.
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Re: Pajerosport 2.5 4x4 smoke question

Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:12 am

I am sure the situation will improve if you use only 10 ppm diesel.

That black smoke is mainly soot which is burned sulpher.

Try it and let us know?


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Re: Pajerosport 2.5 4x4 smoke question

Sat May 25, 2019 7:46 am

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