Gen 2 '95 GLS 3.0V6 Overdrive troubleshooting

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Vehicle: 1995 Pajero 3.0 GLS Auto LWB
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Gen 2 '95 GLS 3.0V6 Overdrive troubleshooting

Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:51 am

Good morning Guys,

I need some advise concerning the overdrive of my '95 LWB GLS 3.0V6 Pajero.
At first the box was working properly, shifting into overdrive regularly, and all functioned great. Then I replaced the (40Ah) battery with a new 90Ah battery ( as recommended by my local battery dealer). After that, the gearbox wouldn't shift into overdrive at all. I checked and replaced the 10A fuse at the under-dash fusebox, checked and topped up the ATF oil, but still no overdrive. I have ensured that the overdrive button on the shifter is set to "on".

What else can I check/test? I will really appreciate any input on the matter.

Mario v/d Westhuizen - Levubu; Limpopo
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1995 Pajero Gen 2 3.0V6 GLS Auto

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