NW Pajero centre diff light flashing

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NW Pajero centre diff light flashing

Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:34 am

Hello, I was hoping for some advice.

I have a 2012 NW Pajero with only 100,000kms on the clock.

My problem is that my centre diff light is flashing orange as soon as the car is started (and even when the ignition is just switched on).

I took it to Mitsubishi and they found 2 codes which are;

- C1456-Transfer position detection switch syst

- 75-Transfer switch defect

I found the below document and checked the continuity of the 3 transfer case switches I had access to. The results I got were in the position the transfer case is currently in and it won’t move (I suspect due to the fault condition).

- 2wd/4wd detection switch (black) no continuity
- 4h detection switch (white) continuity
- Centre differential lock detection switch (brown) no continuity

https://www2.pajeroclub.com.au/forum/at ... 1407400506

(I hope it is still valid for a 2012 NW Pajero)???

The car is stuck in 4H so I suspected the 2wd/4wd detection switch (black) to be faulty.

I unplugged the connector, plugged in a wire and connected it to the transfer case to make a circuit and the ISSUE WAS GONE. I could move between 2H and 4H and I can hear the transfer case actuator moving.

I then bought all 5 transfer case switches and I swapped the 2wd/4wd detection switch (black) out BUT it is still not giving the ON signal in it’s current actuator position.

I am now wondering if it could be a stuck ball bearing in the transfer case under the switch, pushing the switch IN, incorrectly giving it the OFF position when it should be ON.

Any advice?

How far car the transfer case be lowered with leaving everything connected?

I lowered it a few inches so I was just able to reach the switches. Not sure If I can lower it as far as it will go and then be help up by the earthing cable.

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