2005 3.2 DID Transfer/ABS Problems

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2005 3.2 DID Transfer/ABS Problems

Sat Aug 31, 2019 12:16 pm

Hi guys,

I've been having a few problems with my 2005 3.2 DID SWB Manual (4Work). The centre diff light was flashing orange (I bought it like that) and after reading the codes on the diagnostic scanner, it showed a fault with the freewheeling clutch solenoid. Upon further inspection, I found the sensor by the vacuum lines at the front of the engine bay disconnected (previous owner done this for a reason? May be a clue there?). I had already bought a full set of 5 new switches for the top of the transfer case and fitted these. When I plugged the sensor in at the front, after moving the selector around a couple of times, I managed to get the orange centre diff light to stop flashing and in 2WD the two rear wheels lit up green (first time I have ever seen this), shifted to 4WD and the 4 wheels lit up, but then when I shifted again to 4 Lo (or 4 Locked Diff, whatever comes next on the selector!), the orange centre diff light started flashing again and whenever I move the selector, nothing happens again.

I also now get the ASC warning light on and ASC Off constantly on the dash and when accelerating hard or braking it feels like the ABS is kicking in and everything just judders (for a good while this started happening, but no warning lights. If I switched ASC off, it would stop apart from the ABS would kick in for no reason very occasionally. Since the warning lights have come on, it won't let me switch it off though, just says it is constantly off, but makes no difference).

The fault codes I get now are:

23 - FR SPD SNSR 2 (Assume this is an ABS/Wheel speed sensor. The confusing part is that it seems to say Front Right (FR?), but internet searches suggest that 23 relates to a rear sensor. Could anybody confirm?

33 - T/F Mode SW 2 (Relating to the Transfer Box Switches, but internet suggests this is a generic code and could be any one of the switches. Or is Switch 2 a specific switch? Please note the mode I switched to when it reverted back to the orange diff light. Is that a clue? Switches are all brand new, but could it be something that runs from the switch or connection to the switch a bit dodgy/needs more cleaning possibly?)

75 - Tranfr Line (Generic code relating to transfer box again maybe?)

83 - ST No Adj (Steering angle sensor? Need resetting? I did have the steering wheel off to change a faulty airbag squib. It was a slightly different part and had an extra cable. Possibly for cruise control? I just tucked this out of the way as unused, but assume that's ok)

Any help would be muchly appreciated, as I'm running short on ideas now!

Thanks in advance! :)

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