Unidentified drivetrain issue

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Unidentified drivetrain issue

Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:00 am

Hi everyone.
Last weekend my Gen3 SWB petrol Pajero started an issue I'm unable to identify right now, but would like to fix before it becomes an expensive problem.
What happens is...
I'm driving for say 10-20km with no problems at all, but then out of the blue, when approaching a stop or red robot, after the car has geared down, something in the drivetrain starts a grinding or grating noise. It's like a "ghrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound which changes pitch and tempo together with the car slowing or speeding up.
When I pull to the side of the road and slip the selector from 2wd to 4wd and the gear selection from D to R and N or a combination of all of these, then the car pulls of fine again, noise gone. Let's say all well for the next few km's.
However, this past Saturday, on my way somewhere, after about 25km the dash lights changed while I was driving in 2wd mode. The green lights of for the RWD went out, and the centre diff light started flashing in Yellow. Changing 2wd/4wd and gear shift didn't solve the issue. But when I switched off the ignition and restarted, all was fine again - centre diff light off and only the green 2wd lights on. This instance did not coincide with any grinding noise from the drivetrain.
My understanding is that the lights issue could be anything related to the vacuum solenoid switches or the ECU control for the drive system? Where should I start looking?
Is this issue an electrical one that possibly is causing the mechanical grinding noise when something in the centre diff or elsewhere partially engages because of the control system issue?
Or could the 2 issues be unrelated? That would just be too strange, seeing both issues started almost simultaneously.
If anyone knows of or can recommend a good service/maintenance centre in PE other than the agents (Maritime motors), I'd appreciate, as the agents in PE are not the nicest of workshops to deal with in many locals experience. Thanks.

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