3.2 did Transmission problem

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3.2 did Transmission problem

Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:00 pm

Pajero 3.2 Did automatic (2005)
340ks on the clock.

Suddenly we are experiencing a bad gear change from 2nd to 3rd accompanied by a knock. When changing gears it seems as if the engine is experiencing an excessive load.
I changed the transmission oil via the correct procedure of pumping the oil out whilst the engine was idling, it took 30 seconds, I the dumped the remaining oil by removing the transmission pan. I replaced the filter and filled to the correct level with Diaqueen Sp III from Mitsubishi. The problem still persists.

A reputable gearbox company said there was a Transmission failure We replaced the complete Transmission (which included the 4x4 transfer unit) this replacement Transmission has only done 150K kilos. The problems still persists!!

Another reputable dealer said it was the back diff mountings. Rubbers/bushes were replaced and still the problem persists.

I have noticed the following symptoms:

• When I change from P to D or R the engine revs up by 200 rpm, it seems to jerk into gear, it never did this before the issue started.
• The Transmission does change up and down however the 2nd to 3rd gear change is violent.
• No signs of overheating, engine or Transmission.
• The transmission will do same in auto and tiptonic.
• If I floor the accelerator it seems to change better.
• Once the car is in 4th and 5th it runs like a dream!!!

I’m sure it is sensor related and the last thing I want to do is dig out the ECU!

Please any assistance will be gladly appreciated.

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