Gen 3 3.2 A/T SWB : Engine cut-out

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Gen 3 3.2 A/T SWB : Engine cut-out

Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:40 am

For years, from a week to five months would elapse in the normal pleasure of driving the Paj - then it would suddenly cut out, at any speed, angle of ascent/descent, straight or turning, or time of day. I'd pull off, restart and off I'd go, repeating from once to four or five times in the same day, before she'd resume normal operation without a blush or an apology, or an explanation from the agents. At the beginning of this year, we came back from the Cape to Joburg, a trip of over a thousand flawless kilometres - then, the very next day, she battled to start, misfired, trembled and turned into a disco smoke machine, blanketing the area and raising shouts and curses of local alarm.
So, it was flatbed time with the good-natured and economical services of Louwtjie's Towing (082 444 4410) , and off to Alan Black in Springs (011 815 3732). A few days later I phoned the boffin, Bradley Leach, and asked if the Paj was in the queue yet. Bradley asked me to refresh his memory as to what was actually wrong, as they had driven the Paj off the flatbed and around the area without a hitch - and she had performed in stellar fashion on the dynamometer!
I explained the history, and after a few disturbing sounds that turned out to be head scratching on Bradley's part, he brightened up and said that there are two speed sensors on the diesel pump; if one or both sensors have an intermittent fault and disagree with each other, the ECU gets faulty information and gives garbled instructions, and hence the cutting out and smoke screening. He was certain that the answer was to replace both sensors and, just in case, a small wiring harness that connects them to the main loom - and he was right! The Paj has not missed a beat since that day, and my confidence levels are through the roof - thank you Bradley, for doing what no agent through the years could do!
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Re: Gen 3 3.2 A/T SWB : Engine cut-out

Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:57 pm


Thank you for sharing this info with everyone as someone else would have gone through the same trouble without this info and listening to the effect of these sensors it will give one a fright of note if this happens.

It is amazing how little the people know that we are forced to use during the service plan period, if the computer do not tell them the tire has a puncture they would not see it never the less fix it.
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