Cabin heater won't switch off.

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Vehicle: Pajero 2005 DiD 3.2 SWB
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Cabin heater won't switch off.

Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:06 pm

Good day all.
While on a long trip on some fairly dodgy potholed roads (can't miss them all ), the heater of my 2005 Gen 3 DiD SWB started acting up.
It cannot be turned off. It is on maximum heat which you will know is seriously hot and doesn't respond to the temperature control knob whatsoever.
With all temperature controls and the fan in the "off" position hot air still comes through the vents.
All the "heater" fuses are in order and the A/C is fully functional but serves no purpose, as when the fan is turned on the amount of hot air through the vents just increases.
An extensive internet search has not produced any clues as to what/where the problem might be so here's hoping someone on this forum may have an insight or two failing which I'll just have to drive around in the oven looking forward to winter..
Vehicle: 2011 Pajero deisel
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Re: Cabin heater won't switch off.

Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:22 am

There is an arm on the heat control box in the centre console. You can see it if you get down in the drivers footwell.

They simply fall off ant the gate is suck on hot or cold

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