Odd dash lights - come and go

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Odd dash lights - come and go

Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:08 am

I have an interesting issue on my 2005 3.2 DiD GLS. At first I had issues with what seemed to be an intermittent charging/not charging situation which was eventually diagnosed as a defective alternator. This I replaced with a brand new Bosch alternator as it was a fraction of the price of an OEM Mitsu unit. Since then the charging issue is resolved but every so often I get three warning lights on - the engine management light, the ESP On Light and the ESP Off light. Car drives as normal. If I stop and idle for a while, like at a robot, then after a while the lights extinguish, and I won't see the fault again for a few days or a week, and then they return. At my last service (non-dealer) I told them of the fault but when I collected it their only comment was that "perhaps the alternator is overcharging a bit" and I need to take the car back to the guys who fitted the new alternator. So far I haven't done this as I want to get some more info as to whether it is possible to adjust the voltage from the alternator/regulator, or is it possible the regulator could be shot too, if it isn't actually built into the alternator.
Anybody any ideas on this, or should I just trust the auto-elect and let him "fix" it?
A quick test now on idle after about 5 minutes the battery voltage clocks in at 13.7 V which I would consider to be pretty normal, but of course, I'd need to repeat the test when the fault shows up to see if the voltage had crept up to an unacceptable level.
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Re: Odd dash lights - come and go

Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:42 pm

My advice is ask the person / company that did the installation and see if they make sense in their reply.

If not, then have a chat with Arnold Venter at Mitsitech, in the new year. He’s in Moz at the moment.
- Kurt
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