Strange noise when switching off ignition

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Strange noise when switching off ignition

Fri May 17, 2019 6:29 pm

My Daughters 3.2 swb did "Manual box" started giving problems when towing and she stopped and called me. Got horse box safely home then towed the mitsu home. Engine started and i could select 1st but It would not drive.

So I'm in neutral with ignition on for lights and was going on a long uphill doing around 50kms /hr and for some reason I switched the ignition key from On position ( all the dash lights were on) to 1st click backwards and I had to hurriedly turn it back to ON because it sounded like something was ready to explode.

I don't understand how turning the ignition switch to off could cause such a noise? the engine wasn't running, cruising in neutral with no funny noises....

What is connected electrically that could be causing this? shifting the 4x4 select - the lights seem to show correct positions etc. I thought maybe one of the 4x4 elec shifters had jammed etc but... i just don't know.

I had to leave back to work and will only be home in middle of June.. its driving me nuts thinking of what could be wrong. The clutch feels normal and feels like its operating fine. I didn't check to see if daughter had switched the diff lock on while driving but cant see her doing that.

Any ideas?


Country: South Africa
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Re: Strange noise when switching off ignition

Fri May 17, 2019 10:00 pm

The pajero when switched off completely actually engages permanent 4 wheel drive so the noise would have been the transfer case engaging.
The vehicle should have been in 4h to tow, especially heavy loads. There may be a fault with the rear props haft cv joints or else maybe even the rear diff cv joints.
These pajero have cv joints at all connections and they do wear or give up when put under strain.

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