[Pajero II 2.5TD] Speedo and rpm's not working

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[Pajero II 2.5TD] Speedo and rpm's not working

Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:02 pm

Hello Guys,

greetings from Poland :)

I got an issue which, I think, my Polish friends can’t handle… I received no single answer or even a sign of it in a week… I hope You, as bigger Pajero owners community will be able to help me.

So, in my fresh bought 1995 Pajero 2 with 2,5 liter Turbo Diesel (with easyselect manual gearbox) speedometer and rpm gauge doesn’t work. Both died in the same moment, fuel, temp and all the lights works fine.

Here is my meter set:


What I already did:
- I re-soldered all visible soldering points on the „back” of the meter board (I red that cold joints is common problem)
- I replaced whole set of meters with set with exactly the same OEM numbers (guy who sold me this piece was making me sure that it’s working because he took it off working car)
- I checked every single fuse in the car
- I cleaned all connectors with connector spray
- previous owner told me he replaced speed sensor in the gearbox

As You think - with no reaction. Where should I look for the issue next? Do 2.8 meter set work in 2.5 Pajero? This question is because after I looked for meters OEM number in google It threw out 2.8 results.

I took a look into electrical wiring diagrams, but I didn’t find anything interesting. In my opinion it’s barely not possible for both sensors (one in the pump and in the gearbox - am I right that rpms are being taken from injection pump?) died in the same moment. Maybe both meters have common ground cable, which could be damaged?

Thanks in forward for Your kind answers, I think You’re my last hope here.
Best regards
Michał (Michael is fine :D )

P.S. I see this issue as electrical one, if this topic doesn’t fit to it I’m sorry :roll:

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