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Pajero Gen 4 2008 DiD 4m41 Throttle Sensor

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 2:44 pm
by Tony M
Hi all,
Anyone know if the 4m42 diesel has a throttle sensor?
I've been trying out a new OBD II dongle and software trying to sort out a problem with my engine but I note that the 'Throttle position' stays at 99 to100% when revving the engine at standstill.
OBD II reader is a BFX one, software 'Car Scanner' (which has specific profiles for Pajero).
Likewise Torque Lite gives 99.6 to 100%

Any ideas?


Re: Pajero Gen 4 2008 DiD 4m41 Throttle Sensor

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:49 pm
by 4ePikanini
Yes. Its connected to the throttle pedal in the cab. It doesn't fail often so first try to reseat its connector.

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Re: Pajero Gen 4 2008 DiD 4m41 Throttle Sensor

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:16 am
by Tony M
Thanks 4ePikanini,
Thanks for your help!

These OBD scanners are somewhat confusing. I'm using Car Scanner ELM which has a specific setting for Pajero IV 3.2 DiD. I bought the 'Pro' version because it was only R44 or so.
It has 'absolute pedal position' 'D' and 'E' which is, I think, the readings from the accelerator pedal positions and which do change based on the amount of 'foot' one gives it.
However the 'throttle position' doesn't change more than a fraction of a %.
I assume that this is the 'Throttle Position Sensor' (TPS) but might be a 'hangover' from the petrol throttle TPS (even though the profile was set at 'Pajero IV 3.2 DiD' .
Problem is there's no manual I can find available :-(
As I understand it, the diesel throttle is used to limit air input into the engine and thereby increase the amount of recirculated gases via the EGR.
It should therefore start off partially open (more EGR) at idle and then fully open (little EGR) at higher speeds.
The Car Scanner software allows one to log the engine data and preview at a latter stage from the same app.
The throttle opening runs at 99 - 100% and only drops to '0%' when the engine is turned off - which is apparently what it should do to stop the engine (i.e. kill the air input).
So I'm guessing that the reading is correct - but just a guess as it could be an electronic 'glitch' when the engine is shut off.

The MAF reading seems to be haywire. It goes up and down quite a bit and sometimes looks like an 'oscillation' (between 8 and 24 g/sec).
I replaced the original 2 years ago when I got a CEL with a Bremi one. I wonder if that could be causing the problem.
But again can't find any data online as to what variation one should expect in a MAF reading :-(

Started all this because I have a 'knocking' sound at low revs on acceleration when cold which (mostly - can't tell at higher speeds) goes away when hot.
The stealers can't find the problem and a (recommended on this and other sites) 3rd party car maintenance company told me to take it to another company to locate the noise source.

Would you know if there's anything in print about what these settings are IRO Pajeros and what OBD codes are actually available (I believe some are 'proprietary' and not available on GP tools)?