Brakes, steering and suspension checks in CT

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Brakes, steering and suspension checks in CT

Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:59 am

Where can I have my brakes, steering and suspension checked in Cape Town city centre? I have taken my car to Malcom to be serviced, but need a specialist to check these items out. (Supaquick, Speedy, etc?)

The brake calipers seem to be rattling non stop. I also suspect something wrong with my control arms. So would like the complete suspension and steering system checked.
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Re: Brakes, steering and suspension checks in CT

Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:09 am

Hi, I am struggling with the same issues on my 2001 Gen 3.
- it has this irritating rattle going over cobble and paving surfaces.

I removed the plastic under door sills and put them back with foam rubber in between and made sure there was no loose stones inside.

I replaced the stabilizer end arms.

Removed the upper control arm and inspected it. - was ok

Check your upper shock mounting kit that all the bolts are properly fastened. Replacement It is a cheap fix from Diesel Electric - see KYB part number below.

I had the shock (ironman) removed and inspected. For all practical reasons it appeared to be fine. (130k on shocks). Also for what it was worth had the shocks tested on that shaker machine and the results were within specs.

The brake calliper rattle is a easy and cheap fix. Buy new rattle rattle clips from Mitsubishi.

Your Brake calliper sliding pins can also have some wear. (Also cheap and easy replacement - bolts (+ small rubber at end!)). But they typically make a cluk sound as they get moved when braking. Mostly when driving slow in traffic.

My remaining rattle, I am being told, is either in the Steering Rack (There is definite wear in it) or it is inherent to the shocks. Power Steerijng solutions in Stikland. Fairly expensive fix (Quoted R5-8k).

If the steering rack fix does not solve it, it is probably time for the shocks. Here I want to fit the KYB (same make as Mitsubishi OEM shocks). All the other fancy and expensive offroad shocks does not seem worth it for my vehicle.

Mitsubishi, Pajero, 2001, V75 or CK/NM Shape, 3.5 v6,

KYB part numbers on their Shocks - (Diesel Electrical and prices May 2018 - parts only - no labour - not fitted - no alignment done)
1 x 341251 @ ~R1400 each
1 x [email protected] ~R750 each
Shock support mounting kits
1 x 910028 @ ~R220.00 each
1 x SM531 @ ~R215.00 each

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