Knocking noise

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Knocking noise

Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:25 pm

I am new to the forum and now that I have read some of the discussions I am hoping to get clarity on the way forward regarding a knocking noise.

I drive a 2009 Pajero 3.2 LWB, mileage 225K. I noticed a knocking sound in the front suspension area especially on gravel roads and uneven road services. Took it to a Pajero specialist and he recommended replacing the lower suspension arms. As Mitshibushi don't sell the bushes the mechanic had to replace the entire left and right-hand units. It helped but the knocking noise didn't go away. My mechanic seems to think it's not a problem but its really starting to irritate me.

After reading of similar problems on the forum I noticed that it was recommended to replace the torsion bar bushes and the front suspension link kit. I sent a note to Mitshibushi Nortcliff but they sent me a diagram (attached a copy) with part numbers and want me to provide them with the exact part numbers I need. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the correct part numbers are.

So here is my question. I live in Randburg and will appreciate if someone can let me know of a suspension specialist in the area that has preferably worked on a Pajero with this problem. I am even willing to travel further out if there is a good contact. Hopefully, they can help me to source and install the correct parts to eliminate the knocking noise.

Also have a bad shudder on the brakes. All the discs were skimmed at 200K km but its back again. Do I have the discs skimmed again or rather install new ones?

Will appreciate any assistance.

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Re: Knocking noise

Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:38 pm

What shocks do you currently have up front?

I had terrible front knock sound on Ironman shocks many moons ago, so thus the reason for my question before you start replacing bushes etc


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Re: Knocking noise

Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:31 pm

I apologise if I just bump and come in from the side.
But Cats might be spot on with the shock absorbers.
Recently I took my 1998 Pajero lwb for suspension refresh front and rear. Trail arms torsoins bushes. Yes Mitsubishi do not have these parts. I had to wait quite a few weeks for them to arrive from Japan.

After the suspension repairs I still felt this annoying knock/click under carriage. My brakes also started to shudder sometimes the car veered slightly.
I took the car to Best Drive a tyre and shock absorber fitment centre.
They tested my vehicle shock absorbers front and rear, gave me a print out showing results that rear and front shocks is completely shot.
Still upset why didn't the suspension Guys picked it up.
Nonetheless I fit the absorbers say 2 weeks ago. No more knocks clicks and shudder.
The shock absorber tests is for free.
Some providers charge R85.
But you will have peace of mind.
Country: South Africa
Vehicle: Pajero 3.2 LWB 2009
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Re: Knocking noise

Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:31 am

Thanks for the replies guys.

I took my vehicle to Best Drive in Northcliff (cost R50) earlier this week to test the shocks and apparently the shocks are fine.

Cats I am going to show my ignorance but I have no idea what shocks I have. Since I bought the vehicle I haven't replaced the shocks. However, the right-hand side one looks much newer than the left-hand side (attached photos). Wonder why the previous owner would have replaced only one shock. The knocking sound is more profound from the left side. Wonder if I should still pursue this problem as a shock issue even though the test showed the shocks are still fine.
Right hand shock.jpg
Left hand shock.jpg
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Re: Knocking noise

Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:20 am

Were those photos taken before the control arms were replaced?
When I had a knock I had new bushes pressed into the existing control (front) arms and the rear trailing arms. I also had all four shocks replaced.

It is so difficult to really find the culprit and one has to assume that if something has warn itself out, that the rest of the associated components are also on the way out.

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