Pajero Sport - Moose Test - PASS

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Pajero Sport - Moose Test - PASS

Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:49 pm

Forgot to post about this:
Had an incident two weeks ago on the way to JHB.

While rounding a right hand bend, a truck was approaching from the other direction.
Nothing out of the ordinary, cruising at 120-130km/ h.
As we were about to cross each other, a yellow VW microbus suddenly appeared in front of me, head on at less than 20 m....
He was passing the truck on the blind left hander and was hidden from my view as the truck was taking the bend.

My reaction was pure survival instinct and reflex, no time advanced driver training or heroics.
The swerve and brake maneuver was violent and I still cannot clearly remember how on this earth I got out of his way. ABS and EBD kicked in and saved my life and all those in that taxi, preventing a second horror crash photo for the papers in a week.
16 people died under the same circumstances outside Cradock the previous week.

But this can be said.
Any reservations about handling and safety on this vehicle have been wiped out. Proven.
The suspension system and safety systems performed to such a level, that I at no point felt out of control.

So, well done to Mitsubishi for that!

By the way, stopped, chased the guy down. Old khethla driving taxi.
Eyes fixed on the horizon, oblivious to what he had just survived.

Got him stopped. Gave him an uitkak that made the passengers run for cover. ( similar to Schuster snake in a taxi prank) Granted, my khaki shorts outfit and 170 kg sprinting at the driver may have caused them to be concerned for his safety. They calmed down when I reminded them that they nearly did not make it home.

But even after this, it all failed to register in that tiny, stupid head, so I chucked his keys into the bush.

Watch out for his cousins please...

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Re: Pajero Sport - Moose Test - PASS

Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:31 pm

Sheesh, sounds hectic, glad that you were able to avoid what would have been a very nasty incident!
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