HINT: Basic List Before Heading Out

Travel in style, or perhaps not? What to take, What to leave behind.

HINT: Basic List Before Heading Out

Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:58 am

Before heading out...
1. Always endeavour to travel in groups of 2 or more vehicles
2. Always alert someone back home where you are going and when you expect to return.
3. Take at least a basic supply of tools and gear (see The Basic, Minimal Off road checklist below).
4. Ensure all your equipment is in working order and that your vehicle is well maintained and serviced.

Pre-departure Maintenance Checklist

# Check engine oil
# Check gearbox and differential oil
# Check brake and clutch fluid
# Check radiator coolant
# Check windshield wiper fluid
# Check fan belts
# Check hoses
# Check air cleaner
# Check seat belts
# Check tyre air pressure (air up to recommended pressure for highway driving, air down at off road section, air up prior to trip home)
# Check for tyre wear or damage
# Tighten drive shaft u-bolts
# Check and tighten wheel lug bolts
# Check for chassis cracks
# Check brake pads &/or shoes (adequate braking pad material, in good condition and without contamination)
# Check for loose bolts or nuts throughout vehicle
# Grease all fittings (u-joints, steering etc.)
# Check Winch for proper operation, check winch cable for kinks, frays or damage, straighten winch cable if necessary
# Check shock absorbers

The Basic, Minimal Off road Checklist

The minimal list is the basics that you should always carry in your vehicle when off road. These items are good to have in the vehicle at all times.

# First Aid Kit (See Safety and Survival checklist)
# Basic Personal Essentials (water, food)
# Spare Tyre, Full Size
# Jack and Tyre Wrench
# Recovery Tow Strap
# Bark protector tree strap
# Basic Tool Kit
# Spare Key for vehicle
# Shovel
# Fire Extinguisher

4x4 Outthere

Re: HINT: Basic List Before Heading Out

Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:27 pm

If I may add:
Tyre repair Kit
Wheel Compressor

HINT: Basic List Before Heading Out

Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:06 pm

the list was loaded as a guide line, you can copy it off the forum and edit it as you wish. FYI only

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