Roofrack packing tips

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Roofrack packing tips

Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:41 pm

On my trip to Bots now in March, I will be loading a lot more goodies on the roofrack that before. I'm not a fan of weight on the roof, but we're taking on extra passengers which has necessitated some extra luggage and reduced packing space.

So I'm looking for some tips / thoughts / ideas on packing the roofrack.

After doing the calcs, I should still be below 100kgs...

Will be taking 2 tents, 3 ammo boxes, camping chairs, some loose bobs like inflatable matrasse and rubber matrasses. Need to leave some space for wood in Botswana.

My thoughts :
I'll tie the heavy tent (30kg canvas dome). On the front left. Want more weight on left, as fuel tank and myself on right, compared to just my wife on the left. I am worried about chafing of the tent (by the staps strapping it down)

Also, I have 2 3xammo box crate bags. I'll use one for crates, the other for the loose bobs. Would it be best to put them length wise next to the tent at the front? Then wood can go on the back.

What do you do with camp chairs? Keep them in their own bags and just strap on top?

How tight does one have to strap the tents? I'm thinking it probably won't move much due to friction in any case. I'm really worried about damaging the tent...

It's going to be a mission unpacking the roofrack each time we set up camp...

Any other use tips?

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