Beit Bridge border crossing

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Beit Bridge border crossing

Mon May 26, 2014 9:52 am

We have just returned from Zimbabwe.
Our intention was to cross the Limpopo into Mozambique just after the Pafuri border, then turn north to cross into Zim at the Chiqualaquala border post. This just to avoid Beit Bridge.
Unfortunately there was too much water in the Limpopo, so we were forced to divert to Beit Bridge.
What a surprise!
Following the advice given (was it in this forum) that the best time to cross Beit Bridge was between 10am and 12pm, we arrived at the border at 10am. Motor cars (as opposed to trucks) were shepherded into a separate section where a container office existed for RSA customs & immigration. The queue was relatively short and, with the SA Police keeping a watchful eye on those people trying to push in, we were through to the Zim side in about 20 minutes.
There we were met by runners wearing official jackets who explained that they were employed to help us through. We were very sceptical, and my wife and I (having been caught before)decided to do our own thing, whilst our colleagues accepted the services of the runner. Lo and behold, it was so! The runners are employed by Zim to help tourists through and they refused to take any money at all, not even a thank you tip!
My wife and I were also advised, whilst standing in the queue, that persons over 65 could go to the front of the queue as a sign of respect. This we somewhat guiltily did (we were guided to a different window, though) and were attended to immediately - once at immigration and once at customs.
It still took 1.5 hours, but with very little hassle.

We also noticed a difference at the road blocks and, as we were obviously tourists, were generally just waved through.

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Re: Beit Bridge border crossing

Mon May 26, 2014 10:33 am

Hi Dave,

That's encouraging news.
Thank you for posting this.
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