Central Kalahari and Okavango Swamps & Moremi

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Central Kalahari and Okavango Swamps & Moremi

Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:47 pm

Pajero LWB 2011 just completed a trip through Central Kalahari. Car performed exceptionally well, but; I fitted an auxiliary diesel tank under the car behind the back axel. This together with the 2 jerry cans and spare wheel on top, the car's ground clearance was severely compromised. This eventually resulted in the aux tank's pipe being broken by high 'middle-mannetjies', twice.
Any suggestions about how to protect the pipe in future and how to lift the back, when the car is fully loaded. (The pipe from the aux tank to the main tank is situated in front of the tank facing forward and at the lowest point of the tank, although it does not jut out at the bottom).
Once I'd reorganised the gear on top, shifting weight to the front of the car, bottoming-out on the middle mannetjies virtually stopped.
The Pajero's performance was generally very pleasing and never once hesitated in the thick thick sand. We enjoyed the Central Kalahari and enjoyed great weather, and good animal and bird sightings, although game was not as abundant as I thought it should be. Next on the agenda, up to the Skeleton Coast and Kgalagadi. Tony
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Re: Central Kalahari and Okavango Swamps & Moremi

Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:42 pm


I would recommend that you consider installing a set of air helpers/bags in the rear coils to lift your car back to standard ride height after loading. This should sort out your problem.

I have a similar aux tank and tow a heavy of-road van and I've never had any issues with the tank or pipes.


(PS - Remember those photo's! :D )
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