Sani Pass

Looking for ideas for holidays? Maybe a trail? Or even a trip across Africa?
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Sani Pass

Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:02 pm

Hi all. I need some advice please? We plan to go up the Sani Pass in April this year. I have a few questions though. 1). Is it still worth it to go up the pass with all the ground works. 2). We will leave from Nelspruit on the 3rd, where can we stay over on that evening before we go up the pass the next day? 3). Once at the Lesotho boarder what can be done except having a drink at the highest bar in Africa? (What scenery is in Lesotho). 4). Can we sleep at the Hotel at the top of the pass or is it better to sleep somewhere else in Lesotho? We will turn around on the 6th to go back home and I would like to make our trip worthwhile.Thanks.
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Re: Sani Pass

Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:29 pm

I should think that it will still be worth it to go up, hell any stamp in your passport is worth an outing!

There are a few options to stay at just before the pass itself. The closest to the pass itself probably Sani Pass Hotel, but I have not stayed there myself. DEFINATELY have a drink at Sani Top Chalet/Hotel. Even if expensive it is worth it. You can sleep there as well but it is a bit pricey, so see if it fits your budget, for a once off experience I found it worthwhile, if still expensive when I was there, not sure on pricing now. They also have backpackers type accommodation and camping but make sure this is what you, and Swambo if applicable is up for. After that there is not much more to see except more bad roads if you are on a day trip only, depending on how far the Chinese got with their road building since I have last been there. A visit to Khatse dam is definitely worthwhile and the scenery traveling to there is beautiful, but it is more than a days drive, no matter what your GPS says.

Be careful out there though as the weather can turn on you in a blink so don't be shy to call it a day and turn around if you feel uncomfortable. Also REMEMBER your passports otherwise - no fun ;-)

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Re: Sani Pass

Tue Jan 13, 2015 8:17 am

Cats has given you the answer.
There are very nice b+b in underberg himeville.
Tha pass is always great and rather do it sooner than later as it will be tarred soon. Please do use low range though as it saves your drive train esp the last few corners etc. It is possible to do the pass in a 2 wheel drive with diff lock but the skid and wheel spin a fair amount which damages the road and their vehicle if done regularly.
I love the top of blck mountain which is a few km into lesotho. The view from there is amazing. I have often done day trips up and back from howick and is only about a 11 to 12 hour day from there.

Do it and enjoy the ride and views

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