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Let us know who you are, what you drive and what makes you tick!
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How to introduce yourself... template

Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:36 am

Don't remain an anonymous internet member. Let us know about you, where you live and your wheels. Copy and past this template into your introduction.

1. Name:

2. Birthday and Age:

3. Town & Country Of Residence:

4. Home Language:

5. Occupation/Business:

6. Family Status:

7. Membership Of Other 4X4 Clubs & Forums:

8. Current 4x4:

9. Current Modifications:

10. Modifications On The Wish List:

11. Vehicle(s) On The Wish List:

12. Previous 4x4s:

13. Last 3 Offroad Trips:

14. Favourite Destination:

15. Other Hobbies:

16. GPSr & Map Data Used:

17. Rate Your 4X4 & Overlanding Experience:

18. Photos Of Yourself & Your Vehicle:
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