My first Pajero

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Country: South Africa
Vehicle: '09 Pajero Sport 3.2
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My first Pajero

Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:04 am

Hey Guys,

Just wish to introduce myself. I am 37 years old and father of 2 boys. Divorced. Originally from East London and moved to PE 3 years ago. I am a long time member of the 4x4 Community and saw a link posted there about this forum. Got many hobbies. From surfing to fishing. Deep sea fishing my favourite at the moment. And some Gym.

I bought my first Pajero on Friday. Only previous 4wd I had owned was a Mahindra Scorpio. Did a bit of Off-Roading with that one sometimes in the Transkie. Not terrible vehicles but I was looking to replace my current 4x2 Mahindra since my boys who are now 6 and 4 years old had to sit in front of a single cab. Not ideal..

I did petroleum installations and maintenance for 12 years but recently left that industry. I am now a used car salesman and got the opportunity to buy this vehicle for what was a bargain. R160k.

2009 Pajero Sport 3.2 4 speed auto.
168 000km
Full service history
Very clean in all but needs some TLC in a few places like rubber strips between wheel arch etc.

Also not engaging 4H according to flashing lights on dash. I have read a few posts over weekend that it could be anything from Vacuum pipes to a solenoid to even a fuse will get it checked out. I was crawling under the vehicle this weekend but couldn't notice anything obvious. This vehicle appears pretty clean so I am hoping it's not a major mechanical problem.

So far.. freaking loving it!! I wish the box was 5 speed auto but I love it so much I almost don't even care about the apparent 7.8km/L consumption. Well that's according to the trip PC. Will fill it up today or tomorrow to check how accurate that is.

I am converted..


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Country: South Africa
Vehicle: '09 Pajero Sport 3.2
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Re: My first Pajero

Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:26 am

Was a bit late to see the template. Here goes:

1. Name: My best friends all call me Stang

2. Birthday and Age: 31 July. 37

3. Town & Country Of Residence: Port Elizabeth South Africa. Formerly East London South Africa.

4. Home Language: English

5. Occupation/Business: Between careers at moment. Just changed from Petroleum Installations to Car sales.

6. Family Status: Father of 2 boys aged 4 and 6 years old. Divorced

7. Membership Of Other 4X4 Clubs & Forums: 4x4 Community Nissan Patrol community. May be more think LCCSA as well.

8. Current 4x4: '09 Pajero Sport 3.2

9. Current Modifications: Small socket set hidden in the rear ;)

10. Modifications On The Wish List: Nudge Bar with Spots and or LED Bar. Snorkel. USB port to play music maybe retro fit newer sound system that is compatible with USB port. Maybe fit water tank in rear cargo area. Modify rear diff lock that it can be engaged manually without need to shift to 4hLC

11. Vehicle(s) On The Wish List: None.

12. Previous 4x4s: Mahindra Scorpio 2.5 4x4 Single Cab.

13. Last 3 Offroad Trips: Transkie

14. Favourite Destination: Transkie

15. Other Hobbies: Surfing. Fishing. Radio controlled models. Gym. Spending time with kids especially at beach.

16. GPSr & Map Data Used: Garmin. Google Maps.

17. Rate Your 4X4 & Overlanding Experience: Think I am experienced but let's just go with intermediate/Average

18. Photos Of Yourself & Your Vehicle:

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Country: South Africa
Vehicle: 2009 Pajero Sport
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Re: My first Pajero

Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:43 am

Hi Stang,

Welcome. My name is Piers and I live in Uitenhage, so we are practically neighbors. I have 2009 Pajero Sport which I bought just before Christmas so we can compare notes and experiences.

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