2001 Pajero 3.2 auto - A long story!

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Vehicle: Pajero 3.2did
Country: South Africa
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2001 Pajero 3.2 auto - A long story!

Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:44 am

Hi Everyone,

Mods - I read the rules and did email asking about noob posting to the for sale, no response?

I have my older Pajero for sale. I figured this would be the best place for it to be sold as you will read below.

I bought this Pajero about 9 years ago. It was well maintained while I owned it. A friend of mine bought it and used it for a while. He was towing a caravan and not sure what happened but the gearbox overheat light came on. He parked it and phoned me to see what he could do. I recommended Mitspro, and he had it sent there.

They said there was what sounded like a knock and he asked them to check it out while overhauling the gearbox. Mitspro returned a few weeks later with a quote to overhaul the engine that was 90k. He declined and it then turns out they had completely stripped the engine, and would not release anything until he paid the strip and quote charge. He did, and they loaded "all" the spares in the back and we had it towed to my fleet mechanic in honeydew, to be put back together at a more reasonable cost. We didnt really have too much of an issue, given the mileage it was probably due an overhaul. However, this is where the problem began.

We sent the gearbox off to be reconditioned and sent the major internals for balancing and ordered the new rings and bearings etc. When all was back and the mechanic began assembly, we realized a lot of parts were missing (front timing gear assembly most importantly) and a lot of other small parts. Needless to say there was words between all parties, with each mechanic blaming the other etc etc. We obviously got nowhere with that, and is probably his fault for not making mitspro put it back together before taking it back. There were many trips to north pretoria to try and find bolts and parts, but that was also a frustrating experience because you dont know exactly what is missing so it was assemble and then stop, cart off to pretoria to try find more parts. In short a <censored> show.

We then stopped and tracked down a complete 4M41 engine, hoping to complete our engine and still have an almost entire engine spare. I have since sold my truck fleet and migrated to CT. The mechanics have lost interest in helping us further as the project has dragged on for ages (happy to keep our money paid for labor though). The gearbox is also there, completely overhauled.

So we are looking to sell the whole lot to someone who has the time and energy to complete the rebuild. If you have the time and knowledge to scratch there in pretoria north for the parts, you can have a complete pajero plus an engine spare.

We are looking at offers on the whole lot. Questions are welcome. Vehicle and spares are in muldersdrift.

Thank you
082 412 9790
sean at llama dot co dot za
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Re: 2001 Pajero 3.2 auto - A long story!

Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:58 am

This is a sad story with quite a few learning points as well.

I hope this poor Pajero finds a home and that your friend gets at least some of his money back.

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Vehicle: Pajero 3.2did
Country: South Africa
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Re: 2001 Pajero 3.2 auto - A long story!

Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:21 pm

Thanks for the interest shown so far! we hope it moves on to someone on the forum.
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Re: 2001 Pajero 3.2 auto - A long story!

Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:00 am

Good morning.

I am looking for a 3.2 autobox for my 3.2 did 2000 model.
I would maybe be interested in buying the car for spares.
However i am in whk namibia, so i can not go and look at the car or spares.
Are there any fotos available?
It would also have to be worth my while to buy and get it here.


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