SWB Gen3 Roofrack

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kobus louw
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SWB Gen3 Roofrack

Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:16 am

Hi Guys/Girls(let me be polite and include the "Skoner geslag" before I am accused of male chauvinism :o )
I am looking for a Roof Rack for a Gen 3 SWB to buy.
It must be the type that fit over/onto the Roof bars(or whatever those fancy bars on the roof is called)
Maybe someone can tell me if the SWB roof bars can be removed without removing the roof lining?
If it is the case, we might just be able to fit a standard roofrack.
Speak to me.
Happy 4x4-ing.
Old Man E Suspension
Extra Fuel Tank
Self Installed Dual Battery System
Front Runner Roof Rack

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