The story of Casper 3.2Didc GLS LWB 2009

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Re: The story of Casper 3.2Didc GLS LWB 2009

Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:45 am

SimonB wrote:Nice Christo.

Need to do that with mine.

Is one of these kits sufficient for a full job ... ID47172651
I looks like that kit includes 3 paint and 2 glossifier cans. I did not use the glossifiers on mine. Also I try and do at LEAST 5 layers per wheel. More is better as it is easier to take off in one piece, the more layers you put on initially. I would say 3 cans paint might be just one can short, but maybe with the glossifier it makes up for it? I also only sprayed the outside of the rim. If you want to do the inside as well I would say you need two kits. Personally I won't bother with the inside. I used 3 cans on mine but one can was original Plastidip and it seems thicker and more concentrated to me and the can lasted longer than the Liqued Armour so not sure if 3 is enough of that product.

Remember that more intricate rims will take more paint. Also remember that the product will seem soft initially after your 5 or 6 layers. Don't worry. Just fit it back carefully. The product will cure over the next few days and become more resilient.


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Re: The story of Casper 3.2Didc GLS LWB 2009

Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:00 am

Ok. I’ll buy the kit but add maybe two cans extra of black. So I can do the spare as well

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