starting problem with pajero 3.5 v6 please help

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Vehicle: pajero 3.5l
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starting problem with pajero 3.5 v6 please help

Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:11 pm

Hi everyone, im nashief a newbie to the site and i need some advise on the starting problem i have with my pajero 3.5 v6 dohc. I bought the vehicle as a non runner and the pevious owner bent a few valves while he had the car. He took the heads off sent it to engineers and put everything back together but coukd not get it to start again. Acording to him he bought new cam and crank sensors but when the engine turn over it sound like it want to start but it just dont wanna take. I removed the spark plugs and replaced it with plugs from my bakkie started the engine and it took first time but only idle for a few seconds then cut out again. When i tried to start it again it did the same as before just turnng over wanting to start but cant. Please give me some info on what to look for. Anything worth looking at would help.
Thanx in advance :)

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