3.2 Di-D Diagnostic DIY - without scan tool

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Nick Gibson
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Re: 3.2 Di-D Diagnostic DIY - without scan tool

Wed May 20, 2015 4:51 pm

pierreandre wrote:
4ePikanini wrote:This is on my wish list

http://www.ebay.com/itm/SCANGAUGE-II-OB ... 904wt_1187

[ Image ]

More info here - http://www.scangauge.com/
Be very careful: Your pajero probably doesn't support OBDII. I've got a proper diagnostic cable and software that can read MUT-II/III and OBDII and it only works when using MUT-II. Only the American Gen 3's supported OBDII IIRC.
Hi Pierre.
Where did you source the MUT II scan tool cable and software?

I have been looking for a while and can't seem to find anything that works except the genuine mitsusbishi tool on eBay for an exorbitant price... All the commercial advertised Bluetooth dongles don't seem to support the mitsusbishi protocol.

Thanks in advance. Nick

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Nicholas Gibson

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Re: 3.2 Di-D Diagnostic DIY - without scan tool

Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:49 pm

Hi guys. I have read my error codes previously with this method. However, when I tried it last time, I accidently connected the wire to the wrong pin. At the time, all that seemed to happen was that the fuse for the central locking blew. Today, my check engine light came on and I wanted to read the codes again. Nothing happens...not a darn thing.
No flashing of any lights at all.
Is there a fuse for the diagnostic port? Or have I fried the diagnostic system? When I accidently fried the fuse for the central locking, I could read the codes without any problems directly after I replaced the fuse. And yes, I have checked all the fuses I can find. Both the fuses below the steeringwheel, and those in the enginebay are all good.
Any ideas?
By the way, my car is a 2001 Pajero wagon with the 3.5 gdi and an auto gearbox.
All help appreciated...

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Re: 3.2 Di-D Diagnostic DIY - without scan tool

Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:50 pm

Hi there. Does anyone have fault or error codes for the ABS system using this above method?
Thanks in advance.

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