Understanding my 97 3L V6 GSX SWB

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Understanding my 97 3L V6 GSX SWB

Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:54 pm

Guys, I`m a first time Pajero owner, and so I have couple of questions, some of them may have been answered before, or may be stupid, but humor me please...

My machine is a '97 3L V6 GSX SWB:
1. Does it have a catalytic converter?
2. It has the ticking lifters, which I read here is quite common. I would like to have them replaced, what is a fair price to pay for that? I have tried all of the "home remedies" on the blog.
3. Generally, is it a good idea to put performance chips on this model? What does that cost these days?
4. What is a fair price to pay for getting the CV`s replaced?
5 What size wheels and tires did this model originally come out with?

If you guys could point me in the right direction with some of these I would very much appreciated!

Kind regards
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Re: Understanding my 97 3L V6 GSX SWB

Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:45 am

Mine still has the original wheels - 15-inch not sure what tyres would have been on as I bought it second-hand.
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