High Mileage Club (>150000km)

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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:47 pm

Hi Guys, I have a 2007 3.2did GLX Pajero, 490000 km on the clock, no issues ever, just changed normal things, brake pads, shocks ect. Engine never opened, I blocked off EGR, do all the services myself, never added a drop off oil between services, still running perfectly, changed one wheel bearing at the rear end, one engine mount was cracked. I drive her ±10 000 km/ month as I travel a lot for my business, just love my car and will drive her until she falls apart. Whenever that might be........
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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:45 am

Hi, Have a 2007 3.2 LWB GLS with 242.000 km..
Bought it with 230.000km in immaculate condition (inside/outside/driv.ing etc).
Previous owner did following beginning of 2019: Rear shock and bushes , Front tie rod ends , top and boittom ball joints, steering rod ends and all bushes on front suspension replaced.
I did in August: Front propshaft "repaired" and balanced (play), Left rear wheel: Joint kit axle shaft replaced (new ex Mitsu) and Hubassembly replaced (new ex Mitsu) : Reason : Rust eating away at splines..
Otherwise: engine purrs and purrs and purrs.... I only use Fully synthetic engine oil --like on my previous 3.2 SWB GLS 2005--- and also had a Turboprotect unit fitted recently.

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