Buying advice - LWB GLS/Exceed

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Buying advice - LWB GLS/Exceed

Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:14 am

Morning, thinking of changing my 10 year old Land Rover D3 for either the LWB GLS or Exceed - I unfortunately do not have any experience with Pajeros so would appreciate any advice and comments about what to look out for, and also general feedback on driving experience, comfort, economy, service costs, spares etc. etc. Looking at specs there does not seem to be much difference between the models? Would be looking for something at less than 50 000kms.
I also have some concern about all the "rumors" of these models being discontinued?

Wrt towing (Imagine ComfortVan - about 1500kg):

Any other comments or advice would be very appreciated - thanks
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Re: Buying advice - LWB GLS/Exceed

Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:53 pm

Here we go...
Everybody is always on about how wonderfull the D3/D4 models are to drive, and I don't doubt it. Please remember that a new Disco is R500k more than a new Pajero.

The Pajero offers the best combination of ability, comfort, reliability and price out there. Some makes and models will beat the Pajero on one or maybe two of these, but never on all those.

The 3.2DiD has more than enough oomph for your application. The engine is "old tech", which translates into super reliability, but it won't match the latest engines for economy. Same goes for the gearbox - only five gears and pretty straight forward lock-up clutch programming. Again, super reliable, smooth and effective.

Yes, the Pajero in its current form is now a decade old and there isn't a new version in the pipeline. The current Pajero Sport is the flavour of the month. And the current Pajero Sport is getting raving reviews in Australia.

It is a powerfull and stable tow vehicle, but the towbar is low and the spare wheel is annoyingly in the way. Yet we all cope, but not ideal.

The Pajero offers a high level of exclusivity and a touch of class.

There is one thing to be aware of: some Pajeros can have a tendency for the dash to shake and rattle. There are however three gentlemen (Guateng, Bloem and Cape Town) that will fit support brackets at a nominal cost.

Very few Pajero owners trade their's in on anything else.

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Re: Buying advice - LWB GLS/Exceed

Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:53 am

Many thanks Roelf
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Re: Buying advice - LWB GLS/Exceed

Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:36 am

Can only echo Roelf's summary Cecil. I bought a demo 2015 LWB Exceed model in that year with 14000 kms on the clock at a very good price from Mitsubishi East Rand. Is has 74 000 on now and having just coming back from a long trip this week I was again struck by the amazing attributes of the vehicle, stable, economical, powerful - the list is endless. The super sound system in the Exceed is really a pleasure as well when travelling long distances - so I would definitely recommend the Exceed. Safety is another important factor - driving it one can sense the "sternness" of the vehicle. I visited a spare part dealer in Pta during the week looking (and finding) a broken left side mirror - was amazed to see plenty of smashed Pajeros (a few evidently role overs) and not a single one was not relatively intact inside. The only negative I would say is the current uncertainty about the continuation of the model and the absence of dedicated Mitsubishi dealerships around the Country (most seem to be part of multi franchises).


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Re: Buying advice - LWB GLS/Exceed

Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:17 am

Hereby my contribution towards the advice.
11 years ago(2007), when the Gen 4 just appeared op the market, I opted to go for the GLX to be able to afford the Pajero.
Now, 261,000km down the road, I am convinced that I can drive this vehicle for another 10 years.
I do tow a std caravan at least 4 times a year, has done 4 Namibia Dune trips, traveled Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana extensively and still enjoy to drive "Old Faithful" every day.
You might say the kilos is low for 10 years and you are right, I use a bakkie for work purposes and my wife use "Old Faithful" to the shop and back and then we use it for Holiday purposes.
I fitted some extras for the "Off Road" thing which placed me in a very good position for whatever comes out of the bucket-list.
As the other folks mentioned, it is not a "jaagmasjien", for that you buy a X5-M5 or ML-AMG, but it is super reliable.
My dash, as mentioned, which was the rattling annoyance type, was fixed up by Kurt for a very affordable few bucks(and he is actually a nice character that you can chat to while he is fixing your dash, just pulling your socks, Kurt!! :D :D , you did a great job!)
It is a vehicle very easy to maintain yourself. Furthermore, the Pajero owners share their experiences very generously. With their goodwill and advice(Pictures etc), I was able to change all my drive-train fluids, as well as the gearbox filter and oil, last year which placed me in a very confident position before my last Namib dune trip in July 2017.
So, Cecil, If you are looking for a workhorse, with a little style, you are on the right track.
I think the 3.2 in the Exceed model is already boosted to 440Nm which I was only able to achieve with software mapping on mine.
So there is ample oomph.
Fuel consuption: with my roofrack on I drop to 12L/100km(8km/L), driving around town, 11-12 L/100, traveling solo over long distance(nothing on or behind) 10-10.5L/100Km.
I trust this fill contribute towards your decision.
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