Buying advice - new Pajero Sport (2018)

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Buying advice - new Pajero Sport (2018)

Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:54 am

Hi all. I am a newbie to this forum. I have owned 2 SWB 2.8 TD's in the past and am looking for a go anywhere vehicle to tow my offroad trailer. We are a one car family so the decision needs to be spot on. Having done loads of research, particularly reading the Aussie reviews it looks like the new Pajero Sport really delivers both on road and off road. I have a question however for anyone who owns one. There have been a few complaints around the amount of chrome/shiny surfaces on the dash, centre console and steering wheel. Some have complained that these reflect into the drivers eyes when driving? I quite like the dash to be honest but if this is a real problem then it is a bit of a design oversight. I am trying to establish if this is a real issue or just a couple of trolls trying to knock the car. Any views would be really appreciated from someone who owns one and has real world experience.

Second question, less important. Any views on the infotainment system? It looks a bit antiquated. I know this is not necessarily a buying criteria but when you are travelling 6000KM's on a round trip to Northern Namibia and you are spending north of R600K on a vehicle you expect the basics to be pretty sound. Do you stick with what they have or get the SATNAV system installed? What is the base system like?
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Re: Buying advice - new Pajero Sport (2018)

Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:46 am

As nobody responded to my post I thought I would write a response as I bit the bullet and bought the new Sport anyway. Having just completed a 5800 km round trip from Cape Town to the Kunene region in Namibia, I thought I would offer some real world experience of the vehicle.

Firstly, to answer the two questions I posed. There is a lot of shiny stuff on the dash but it is very muted so there is not much shine, if any, in the cabin at all. My wife is very particular about this and she did not complain once in Namibia. So this is not an issue at all in the new Pajero Sport. The infotainment system on the other hand is a joke. There is no blue tooth music functionality and the speakers are appalling. I ripped out the factory fitted speakers and fitted a Caska Satnav unit as well. To be honest I would not recommend this unit at all. It is pretty antiquated, not completely stable and the Tom Tom mapping system is not great either. The sound is at least improved however.

Now for the vehicle itself. The most irritating thing in the vehicle is the central locking. It is ridiculous. We use the vehicle as a mom's taxi to ferry the kids to school. When you stop the vehicle the drivers door unlocks but nothing else. If you then move to the back of the vehicle to open the boot it will be locked, fair enough. However, you cannot unlock the boot until all the kids have got out of the car and closed their doors. The remote will not open the car at all unless all doors are closed. Never come across this in a vehicle before. I have checked the manual and apparently there is a factory setting you can get the service guys to program that will open all doors when the vehicle is in park. I am getting this changed at first service as this is a really bad oversight.

Another pet hate is the average fuel consumption. It resets 4 hours after the vehicle is turned off so you can never keep any history of your consumption! There is no way around this. One more negative and again a glaring oversight in my opinion. In 5 seat configuration there are not 4 luggage hooks to connect a cargo net. This is only available when all seats are folded flat. For family holidays when the boot is loaded and the cover is not attached, this is always something I have used as a safety precaution. You cannot attach a cargo net in the Pajero.

Now for some positives. Get on the open road and this vehicle is a dream. We were towing a 750kg Metalian trailer and the Pajero drove like it wasn't there. I set the cruise control on 120 Km/h and it just goes and is incredibly stable with the tow. You also still have ample power to overtake and the 8 speed gearbox kicks down very nicely. The vehicle is very solid on the road although I would say that it seems to be sensitive to the camber of the road as it does tend to pull slightly and I don't believe the alignment is out. I use cruise control a lot and I would say this is the best one I have ever used. It does not blip on an uphill, it almost seems to anticipate the road ahead. The most amazing was the fuel consumption however. Fully loaded car and trailer and we averaged in the low 12's. I think this is really commendable.

We took the vehicle and the trailer through their paces on the road between Kunene and Epupa falls. The Pajero coped with everything, not even close to getting stuck in anything. However, one big negative is the factory fitted towbar. This is the so called 'round one'. The electrics were installed below the coupling so on the first difficult traverse the electrics bent. This oversight by Mitsubishi seriously impacts the departure angle and I will be taking it back to the dealer to come up with a plan. Other than that however, no complaints off road, it was an absolute pleasure.

For a long road trip the vehicle is great. I have the new spec MY18 version which includes a 220v socket which is really handy for charging devices. The additional ports in the back were also great for the kids Ipads and Kindles. We also use it as the main family vehicle and it is surprisingly nimble when you get used to it. All in all, despite some of the small irritations, this vehicle is a winner.
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Re: Buying advice - new Pajero Sport (2018)

Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:57 am

Hi. Buying a new Paj Sport.
If you are looking for a demo vehicle with low km's I can help.
Kind regards
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Re: Buying advice - new Pajero Sport (2018)

Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:40 am ... d4-4x2-at/

I still need to go and test drive one...
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Re: Buying advice - new Pajero Sport (2018)

Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:24 pm

Nice write up..I bought the new triton and as good as it is after driving the pajero sport i really want a sport.The ride quality and 8spd gearbox are really good.You mention you put in a caska unit.Why did you not opt for Apple I play rather.It certainly sounds to be the way to go.
My triton stock radio which is similar to the PJS is pretty old but the bluetooth handree phone option works very well and it holds channels well while traveling but yes,tthe sound quality is a bit poor
Enjoy your sport.I certainly will be looking at getting one sooner than later
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Re: Buying advice - new Pajero Sport (2018)

Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:00 am

Hey John. Re the Caska. I was actually wanting an Android Auto unit as I am an Android user but the dealership didn't have that option. They only offered the Caska. I think the challenge is integrating an OEM unit into the cars steering wheel controls. I believe there is a Kenwood out there as well and would welcome users feedback on it. If anyone has an Android unit on the new Sport I would also be keen to hear.

Interestingly I was at a 4x4 training course yesterday that came with the car. There were two Fortuner drivers there and you could see them getting buyers remorse when the trainer was talking them through some of the Pajero's 4x4 capabilities. The Fortuner doesn't have the option to go 4H on bitumen as there is no option for 4H without center diff, this is great for rain or slippery road surfaces. Also, the Fortuner has no terrain settings like the new Pajero. It amazes me that Mitsibushi doesn't market this better. The Fortuner drivers had no idea.
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Re: Buying advice - new Pajero Sport (2018)

Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:20 pm


I have just written a seven page letter to Mitsubishi CEO and Marketing Manager and sent a copy to the Head of Mitsubishi/ Nissan/Renault as it is now one and the same company, sadly , expressing the fact that the top of the tree boys all be fired and committed people put in their places.

Read all any any report on the new Pajero Sport and all the journalists say it is better than the Fortuner and as good if not better the the Everest.

There is no reason why you should not purchase a new Sport.

It is years ahead of Toyota.

Mitsubishi have a wining product but a loosing team to ad the product, disgusting to say the very least.

It is a better vehicular. FULL STOP.

I specialise in buying and selling Mitsubishi products. Pajero, Colt and Triton vehicles country wide.


082 494 3782.

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