Japanese import 2980cc Petrol LWB Pajero 2009

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Japanese import 2980cc Petrol LWB Pajero 2009

Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:26 pm

Hello guys,

I am importing a 2009 LWB Pajero from Japan into Zim. It has a 2970cc petrol engine. I had assumed these were also available in the South African market so spares would not be a problem. You know what they say about assumptions...Now I find out only the Diesel is available in SA.
Can anybody advise:
1. Are spares for this 2970cc petrol engine available in SA?
2. It seems there are quite a few of these engines in Bots/Zim/Zam. Can anyone point me in the right direction to source spares in Zim (Timing chain/belt and filters) or will I be sourcing from Japan?
3. Car has 240 thousand km on it., what sort of things should I do upon delivery as preventative maintenance?

Would be grateful for advice on these, could probably change to another model at this stage. Let me know if you think I have made a boo-boo here and should rather go for the 3,2 petrol model that they used to offer in SA.
Anxious Zimbo
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Re: Japanese import 2980cc Petrol LWB Pajero 2009

Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:53 pm

I don’t believe there was ever a 3.2 petrol motor here. Only the 3000 and the 3500 V6 models, and then the 3.8 MIVEC.

There is the legendary 3.2 DiD diesel motor though...

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Re: Japanese import 2980cc Petrol LWB Pajero 2009

Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:13 am

Hi Zimbo

As a Zim resident I also have the 3litre version (2004 122k km) and bought it in preference to the 3.5 GDI which I understood to not particularly like the fuel we get here. Have not regretted although it is thirsty but they’re not particularly lightweight so have to expect that.

Also ex Japan it had 94k on the clock when it arrived so was in line for a timing belt. The service people I use, Liberg Auto in Harare, ordered this from Dubai and can’t recall the delay as it was ordered in advance of a booked service but it was a genuine part. The only other item I’ve needed was a plug lead set and that was available inside a week if I recall correctly. Again a genuine part ex Dubai. There is a Mitsubishi agent in Harare, in fact their service center is right across the road from my workplace but my conversations with them have been non productive.

I wanted a spare alternator/air con compressor etc. drive belt and eventually with help on this forum bought a standard belt which is probably made by the OEM manufacturer anyway. No problem there but in the course of doing that and while on a short break in Knysna I had a chat with the ex Mitsubishi agent there. Interestingly he said the 3litre V6 motor had been used in SA but used V belts rather than the flat belt the Japanese vehicles used. He was very aware so I had no reason to doubt him. I asked him If there was any particular thing I should watch out for (I’d only had the vehicle a few months at that time) and he said there had been nothing he could recall apart from standard replacement items, filters, disc pads etc. He did mention a front wheel hub but said it had failed in extreme circumstances. (I went to this guy after accosting a Pajero owner in a parking lot and asking him who maintained his. He gave me a story which tied in with what I was told later by the ex agent so have no reason to doubt credentials.)

Hope that reassures somewhat. Pleased with mine although I find the ride somewhat harsh on what we call roads.

Good luck.
Country: South Africa
Vehicle: 2008 Pajero LWB 3.0l Petrol
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Re: Japanese import 2980cc Petrol LWB Pajero 2009

Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:11 am

Thanks for taking the time to respond. See you on the road (whats left of it after all these rains!)

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