Help! V6 3ltr SWB. Electric

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Help! V6 3ltr SWB. Electric

Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:22 pm

Hi Everyone!
Please if you could help me out!

I have a 3ltr V6 SWB, runs beautiful, but having some electrical issues.
There is nowhere around me I can take it!

Suddenly my lift stopped working, won't go up, make a noise, no light on the dash. The Soft, medium, hard button still seems to work.
I've checked all the fuses, and besides empty slots, which I think have always been empty, all looks fine.
I opened up the centre console, and the cables all look good, apart from me finding random cables with plugs leading to nothing,
I did find one unplugged with a partner, but have know idea what it does? The cable kinda leads into the drivers chair???
Also my interior lights, the ones by the mirror have stopped as well.

I am at a loss.....

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