Error Code 41

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Error Code 41

Wed May 20, 2015 10:20 am

Good day all

My Pajero has had a heart transplant as it developed a hole in the number 1 piston. (Read the story here: ... =24&t=6213)

After the "new" engine was fitted the car has very little power. It idles smoothly and does not smoke, even when flooring the accelerator paddle. (Read the story here: ... =24&t=6289)

When scanned it throws out error code 41, which is the main throttle solenoid. However, the entire throttle body has been swopped out with others and it made no difference. The car has been to a sparky to check for any electrical/wiring faults but none came to the fore.

What else could it be??? I'm desperate here :!: The Paj is my daily commuter and it has been out of service since Dec last year. I need it on the road ASAP.

Any help would be much appreciated :!:

2006 Pajero GLX 3.2 DiD LWB A/T, aux battery system, roof rack, tow bar, 9000 Lumen LED Light Bar, Speedo Cruise (Bestech AutoCruise)
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Re: Error Code 41

Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:22 am

Hi, from manila Phil. i also got a fault 41, but the whole assy was already repalced., have ypu resolve your pajero issue? Might have been related or atleast have an idea where will I start., thnx

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