2005 did Suspicious exhaust smell in cabin

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2005 did Suspicious exhaust smell in cabin

Mon Jun 07, 2021 11:32 am

Hi All,

Occasionally I get quite a substantial exhaust fume smell in the cab while driving. Based of some comments on this forum and others I have gone ahead and closed up the vents under the LHS rear light cluster as a test. While that definitely made a difference, I still get a heavy waft occasionally. Nothing particular from inside the engine bay, and also not rotten egg type smell, which leads me to think it would be after the CAT, but who knows...? Seems to be stronger on the driver side, but it is very difficult to tell just by sniffing. All the door seals appear to be OK, but I won't rule that out as a cause, just don't know how to verify.

I only bought this vehicle quite recently (2005 LWB 3.2 did with 240k on the clock) so I can't really comment on whether it is a new or existing problem.

Full disclosure, I am new to driving diesel vehicles, especially of this age, so it might be normal, but I'd like to be sure as there are serious health risks involved.

Anyone have ideas on what to look for? Alternatively, where cpaould I take it to have it looked at specifically in this cacity?

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Re: 2005 did Suspicious exhaust smell in cabin

Sun Jun 13, 2021 12:04 pm


Also have a look at how your 5th door close. If it leaks dust on a dusty road then it can be your problem. Does your exhaust point downwards ? It should. If your 5th door is the problem please do not just tighten it. Google a view videos how to do it first.
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Re: 2005 did Suspicious exhaust smell in cabin

Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:08 pm

Hi got same problem when at robots with a 3.5 petrol LWB 02. If put on recirculating no problem. Had it to exhaust places no co2 leak found. Anyone not getting digests ? get post updates only.

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