LED lamps - running/parking & Interior

Tony M
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LED lamps - running/parking & Interior

Tue Jun 29, 2021 1:50 pm

I was looking at how dim the front parking lights are on my 2008 Gen 4 Pajero.
Looking at some topics online it seems that one can replace the front parking light with LED but, because of the internal headlight parking light reflector, not all LED lights work.
Anybody have any recommendations for the correct one in SA?

Secondly, anybody ever attempted to convert the front parking light to a 'running (daytime) light' that switches on with the ignition?

Lastly, the interior lights are the old type and dim in my Gen 4. I see some have used LED lights internally (Gen 3) but have not seen automotive LED 12V bulbs that are actually dimmable that could be used
Anybody have any suggestions? Is it possible?

Many thanks!

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