Gen 3: Keyless Entry system disabled?

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Gen 3: Keyless Entry system disabled?

Sun May 24, 2020 2:37 pm

Dear all,

First of all thanks for all the great guidance on here! First post from a Pajero newbie. Tried my best to solve the problem from existing resources, but with no luck, so here goes for an odd problem with the Keyless Entry system on a 2005 Pajero Exceed:

I sent the car to my mechanic to fix the rear door switch. It came back with the switch fixed but now the remote keyless entry system does not work. The power lock works when activated from the door. I swapped batteries and reprogrammed the remotes which gave the confirmation lock-cycle from the vehicle (induced wirelessly) but it still doesn’t respond afterwards. This tells me that the power lock works, the remotes both work, and the receiver can register the reprogramming but does not unlock or lock the doors when the remote is clicked afterwards. Everything else works just fine.

Is there some kind of process that turns off the keyless entry system so that the mechanic could have de-activated it by accident?

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