Pajero Gen 4 2008 Rear Brake light housing

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Vehicle: Mitsubishi Pajero LWB 2008 GLS
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Pajero Gen 4 2008 Rear Brake light housing

Sun Dec 05, 2021 12:01 am

Hi All,

Stoked to be here and the proud new owner of a not so new 2008 Pajero 4 LWB (363 000km). I have done a fair amount of work on the car, including the sunroof repair (standard rust issue), interior light bulb replacements, rust treatments around the various seams, engine and gearbox services etc.

In all my investigations, I found that the rear left brake light housing has an issue. Whoever replaced the bulb previously did a poor job and did not secure the bulb in place correctly. It has thus melted a hole in the housing, warped the mounting for the bulb itself, and as a result - made the red section of the inner brake light housing so brittle that it shattered rather than the bulb itself. (tried to break the bulb in order to remove it).

Long story short, does anyone know where I would be able to find replacement rear tail lights for the car? (preferably not at stealership prices) If anyone on here has, or knows of any contacts at a wrecker, this info would be wonderfully appreciated!

Vehicle: Mitsubishi Pajero LWB 3.2 2008 GLS
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