Another failed ABS motor

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Another failed ABS motor

Wed Jul 15, 2020 3:00 pm

Hello everyone,

I aslo had an electric motor failure on the ABS unit of my 2002 SWB petrol Pajero.
No brakes and loud ABS buzzer. Fortunately it happened right in front of my driveway gate as I pulled up to it and not somewhere on the road or highway.
Quite scary to think that such a little 12V motor can potentially cause a huge smash-up and potentially cost you your life....
Sad that Mitsu wouldn't have had a workaround/retrofit for this issue in order to mitigate the risk, but anyway.

Took the entire unit out, stripped the motor off and took it to local autoelec. The commutator was badly worn and one of the little copper contact areas were completely gone - just bare plastic. He said that this means if the motor stops spinning on that spot the circuit would be permanently broken and the motor would never re-activate again. Which is probably what happened.
He managed to rebuild me a new commutator and the motor works again. A cheapish fix for R1500 compared to what a whole new ABS unit or 2nd-hand unit would've cost me.

So, I've reinstalled the ABS unit back into the Paj, but I've not yet reconnected the battery, because I'm too scared! I realize I have no idea how to refill and bleed this ABS unit. I saw on some related threads that there is a "Special Method and steps to follow", but I can't find them.

Could someone please provide me with instructions on how to fill and bleed this ABS unit?

Much appreciated.

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