HINT: Vehicle Recovery Items

Travel in style, or perhaps not? What to take, What to leave behind.

HINT: Vehicle Recovery Items

Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:55 am

Beyond the Basic

What goes beyond the basic checklist are items that depend on many factors. Factors like what form of expedition you will be doing, your driving style, the terrain you will encounter, how much room you have for packing gear, how remote you will be travelling, how long you will be gone as well as many other factors you should consider.

However three primary things you should gear up for are Safety and Survival, Vehicle Recovery and Vehicle Breakage.

Vehicle Recovery Items

Recovery Items

# Hi-lift Jack
# Tow straps - 2 or more, 2 inch width or wider, 10m or longer
# Bark Protector strap
# D Shackles
# Shovel
# Winch or Tirfor
# Axe, bow saw or quality wood saw

Tools Checklist

Basic Tools

Basic tools are the versatile, essential tool sets that consist of a variety of sizes and combinations of commonly used tools such as socket sets, wrench sets, Allen wrenches and screw drivers. Your tool sets should cover the variety of sizes found in your vehicle. When it comes to socket sets and wrenches, it's sometimes wise to carry standard and metric socket since sometimes there are a mix of both standard and metric on some vehicles not to mention helping a fellow off roader!

# Complete Socket Set with SAE (standard) and Metric with 3/8" and 1/2" drives.
# Allen Keys
# Standard & Phillips screwdrivers, large, medium, small

Versatile Tools
# Large Hammer
# Pliers (various sizes)
# Long Nose Pliers
# Vice Grips, various sizes
# Pipe wrench
# Utility knife
# A Crowe pry bar

Specialty Tools
# Snap ring pliers
# Air Pressure Gauge
# Portable air compressor
# Jumper cables

Additional Items
# Duct Tape
# Bailing wire
# Bungee cords, several in multiple sizes - good for securing gear, temporary repairs, etc.
# Rope lengths
# Super glue
# Epoxy
# Cable Ties
# Rags
# Leather Gloves
# Hack saw and spare blades
# Selection of hand files
# Small grease gun

For the Vehicle

# Engine Oil
# Brake Fluid
# Power steering fluid
# Automatic transmission fluid
# Coolant and Water
# Bearing Grease
# Silicone spray (Q20 / WD40)
# Extra fuel
# Funnel, siphon hose

Spare Parts / Repair Items
# Extra Fan / serpentine belts
# Hoses, fuel line, coolant hoses
# Spare Tyre
# Tyre repair kits, plugs
# Valve stems and Valve key
# Nuts & bolts assorted standard and metric sizes
# Gasket Silicone/ Gasket paper
# Radiator stop leak
# Coil / electronic ignition (if applicable)
# Spare Universal Joints (U-joints for drive shaft & axles)
# Spare Drive Shaft (rear and front)
# Extra spark plug wire (size of longest wire)
# Spare points and condenser (if applicable)
# Distributor cap and rotor (if applicable)

Electronics Repair Kit
# Volt meter (multi meter)
# Wire cutters / wire crimper / wire strippers (multi-tool)
# Spare fuses of all sizes and types used in your vehicle
# Electrical tape
# Spare wire - lengths of various gauges
# Spare switches
# Spare relay if you use relays
# Crimp on terminals (male and female, various gauges)
# Small pocket sized needle point blow torch (handy for soldering wire)
# Flux core solder for repairs
# Wiring Diagram of your vehicle


Re: HINT: Vehicle Recovery Items

Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:47 pm

Hello there. I am concidering fitting a winch onto my LWB 3.2 pajero 2005 model. It has a ARB bull bar but not sure what size winch is best for that vehicle. I am looking at a T-MAX 9500 which has a straight line pull of 4.3 tons. In your mind, would this be sufficient? Thanks
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Re: HINT: Vehicle Recovery Items

Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:31 pm

Hi guys,

Something that has always worried me and will do so in future is the amount / quantity of spares and spanners/tools that people recommend we should drag along on trips! Where do they carry all the stuff?? When we go on a trip, I only use one "milk crate" for all the Pajero equipment - spanners, spare air filter, 500ml gear oil, poly V belt, spare fuses and globes, recovery straps, short pieces of wire (electrical and bonding), rags and hand cleaning kit, duct tape and this new silicon tape that seals when wound tightly around a water pipe. I do carry an electric jack and wheel spanners and tyre patch kit. As for the rest, where do you carry it?

I thought I should ask. Please enlighten me.

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Re: HINT: Vehicle Recovery Items

Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:06 pm


All my stuff fits into two gommo boxes which are permanently in my drawer system. This includes the 160 lpm compressor, spare hoses etc. The recovery kit itself is in a separate smallish bag.

Re: HINT: Vehicle Recovery Items

Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:54 pm

@ mow1 - that is the exact same winch as the one on my vehicle, ie. perfect. :D

Impressive list, but I would rather replace the d-shackles with bow-shackles.

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Re: HINT: Vehicle Recovery Items

Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:55 pm

Simon and Fiellies,

I would love to see your kit. As soon as I visit Cape Town again, I shall (no will) contact you for a viewing and maybe a cold one.


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