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T4A How-To

Wed Jun 09, 2010 12:24 pm

I write this based on my experience so you may avoid the problems I had.

I bought myself a new Garmin 205 recently. 1st thing to do obviously is load T4A. So off to the T4A website. Now the confusion starts.
1. Download this: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download ... jsp?id=835
2. This gets you a basemap which apparently is needed before you can install Mapsource: http://www.tramsoft.ch/downloads/garmin/ms6137upd.exe
3. Now install your T4A file you bought and downloaded from the T4A site.
4. You will note that Mapsource now has a T4A map.
5. Do NOT just upload this directly to your GPS. You need to upload it to a SD card or combine it with a Garmin map if you want to put it directly on the GPS which it seems is discouraged by Garmin. If you do upload it to your GPS, you overwrite the existing map on your GPS. Lucky for me, you can get a free upgrade with your new GPS from the following site provided you bought your GPS in 2010. Go to: http://www.garmap.co.za and register your product. Go to products, Info and Pricing, make sure you get a free upgrade and follow the steps. I battled quite a while to download the file. Once you have successfully installed the software, it will want to upgrade Mapsource as well. After it is done, you will note Mapsource now has both the T4A map as well as the Garmin map pack you just downloaded. You now have the ability to load all your maps to your GPS.
6. Do NOT try and put the same map on both the GPS and a SD card. If you do, your GPS will likely hang. Just remove the SD card and clean it on another device if this happens.

Hope this is of help to someone.

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