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Vehicle: Pajero GLS
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Thu Nov 11, 2021 4:29 pm

Hi guys,

A while ago, I advertised my Desert Wolf 4x4 camper and Pajero for sale. The camper and all the associated extra equipment has gone to a new owner. Now it is the turn of my Pajero. My wife has decided that she is too old to camp and as a result, we have decided to sell our camping equipment. With the camper gone, we have no need for a fully fitted and ready for Africa Pajero. Against our will, It must also go!! The details are below and all the extra equipment associated with the Pajero are included.

2004 PAJERO 3.8lit GLS 2004 model.

The vehicle has 178 000km on the clock and is fully serviced ready for any trip into darkest Africa (it has about R4000 fuel in the internal tanks plus an additional 90 lit in an additional free standing tank. We used the Pajero mainly for holidays and it has been to Angola, Zim, Zambia (Eye of the Zambezi), Nam, Bots, Lesotho and all over the RSA. It is licensed till end of February 2022. It has all the standard fitment as per Pajero factory and everything in the Pajero works as designed by Mitsubishi - radio, tape, CD player, electric seat plus heating, traction control, sun roof, smash and grab, etc.

It has lots of extras but but can be converted back to standard within one day. All the parts and equipment removed to fit extra tank, the ENGEL fridge mounting, etc are included in deal. The extras include the following: Dual battery system plus extra power points inside, extra interior lights and seat covers, a bracket that fits into the place of the single seat in the second row that is specifically made for a 40lit Engel fridge. An ally box fitted on the floor behind the left front seat holds recovery gear, puncture repair kit, tools and some tie-down straps. The extras outside include a lockable rear diff - this works in low and high range, 50mm body lift, bash plates front, centre and rear. A 100lit extra stainless steel (2mm) fuel tank with own pump, filter and contents gauge for the extra tank is also fitted. It is filled via the normal filler - selectable - and extra fuel is pumped directly into the main tank. LED lights are fitted to the front, rear and inside. A bracket to fit a second spare wheel behind the normal spare is available plus a 50mm lifting bracket for the standard spare. The standard roof rack was extensively modified. It still looks the same BUT is a now proper roof rack. Other extras include six 16 x 8 inch pressed steel rims fitted with Yokohama off-road tires. The standard alloy rims fitted with Pirelli are included. Your choice whether you leave my house on the Pirrelis or on the Yokohamas. A 270 degree Ostrich wing is also part of the deal. Two extra 100lit stainless steel (2mm) water tanks (can be used for fuel) are also available. All the Pajero spares collected over twenty years included. You will need a trailer to take all the extras.

Photos are available but I have tried to include them but to no avail. Interested buyers can phone me and I shall send photos via Whatsapp, e mail or telephone.. Price: R110 000,00 or best offer. Phone: 012 567 4909 or 083 564 9141.


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