3.8L Mivec NP 5spd, Paddle Shifting 1996 Project Delica

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3.8L Mivec NP 5spd, Paddle Shifting 1996 Project Delica

Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:13 am

Hey guys, I'm not sure how many might be interested in a project I started last April but some '03 Pajero NP parts are now slated to make it onto my Project Delica.

I started out with an engine failure on my 1996 LWB Delica last spring, and decided the easiest engine to put in would be a 3.8L Mivec 265HP engine from an '07 Eclipse USDM. (I'm in Canada)
Ok, not the easiest engine, but certainly a good and challenging one.

As I was waiting to bypass the immobilizer in the ECU, I just started working on Phase II of the project, A 5spd Sportronic transmission/transfer case from an 03-06 NP with paddle shifters. I just located a rare low KM unit, and even rare'r its in my own province.

I just bought the transmission package last month and plan to get working on the swAp as soon as my engine fires (immobilizer).

Grabbed the Transfer case, wiring, ECU's, Drive shafts, front half shafts, front & rear differential carriers and a whack of other parts for the job. And front and rear brakes, dashboard, engine wiring, mounts, fan and other NP items that I'll see if I can upgrade into My 1996 Delica.

I think I might need some luck with this one...

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