Service Costs

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Service Costs

Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:13 pm

SWAMBO'S platkar is due for it's service and off we went to VW. It is a Jetta 1.9 Tdi and is a 2006 model with 71000 km on the clock.
So VW quoted a service and cambelt replacement as well as waterpump and some other bits and pieces.
We realy got a shock :shock: Rounded off the ammount R8000,00 :x
I think it is total rip off but with them the only reutable car service people around here I have no option to go to them.
If that is not enough my daughters 1.4 Golf is now also due and once again the price came to R6700,00 including a clutch change. :x
SWAMO'S cam belt R629, Tensioner R808, Roller R354, 4 liters of engine oil R240,Waterpump R1392,all excl vat.
I did all these things on my Pajero and paid about 30% less for all spares . Who says Pajero spares is expensive :?:
VW labour cost R435,00 an hour :twisted: :twisted: Just plainly ridiculous.

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Re: Service Costs

Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:32 pm

Had the same experience here in JHB. Lindsay Saker in the city deep charges R500/h. I normally serviced my car at Barons in Woodmead - they charged R450/h, but were willing to do half-hour increments for small jobs.


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