The story of Casper 3.2Didc GLS LWB 2009

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Re: The story of Casper 3.2Didc GLS LWB 2009

Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:28 am

KurtG wrote:Would you mind sharing a picture of where this nut is located?
The axle nut. I mentioned it higher up.

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Re: The story of Casper 3.2Didc GLS LWB 2009

Wed Mar 10, 2021 9:58 pm

So is Casper still going strong? If I recall correctly we bought our 2009's around the same time ... my Reg No is DN 75 xx GP so registered just a few days before yours. A mate of mine went to test drive a car like this in Nelspruit before I bought ... believe it may have been the one you got?

In the end I bought a car from Upington, about 40 000km more on the clock but R60k less, and fitted with dual battery system, 40mm suspension lift, load levelers, bash plate, seat covers and that infamous Diesel Torque chip. My mods were much more modest than yours ... roofrack and Aux input only. Now on 258500 km (not 270000 as I said in the other post) and going strong as ever. Still miss my V6 Gen 3 for sonics and rapid overtaking though. Even my wife says she liked the blue beast better.
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Re: The story of Casper 3.2Didc GLS LWB 2009

Thu Mar 11, 2021 6:28 am

Hallo Scubadude

Unfortunately I do not know the whereabouts of old Casper currently. I sold him in Feb 2019 if I recall correctly privately.

I now drive a 4motion Transporter "bushbus" of all things. Needed more space and this was the best I could do with a little off road abilities left.

I still miss my Pajero and to the iritation of my kids still shout "Pajeroooo!" every time I pass a nice one on the road.


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