Do you have problems sourcing NEW parts

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Re: Do you have problems sourcing NEW parts

Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:26 am

1994 S/W 2.8 Turbo Diesel 5 speed manual Pajero. Stu Bowen Bethlehem, cell 082 325 3032. And the clutch issue lingers on.
Boy o Boy The Bethlehem garage cannot source a new friction plate for clutch drag, if there is a supplier out there in SA please let me know. Not sure about the Pilot Bearing or Thrust bearing, best change it if I can source a clutch plate.
Can someone explain a pull type clutch please and the friction plate clutch plate. When the engine was out for other reasons I noticed the Pajero clutch plate had no springs. It differs from the clutch plate on the TR2 54 model that I am re building.
I just hope the mod that was done ie stepping the flywheel to accommodate a re line clutch plate has not ruined the transmission.
Regards to all those Pajero owners, I believe Pajero will not be producing anymore .

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Re: Do you have problems sourcing NEW parts

Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:29 pm

Had a slight mishap when I accidently backed-up against a solid brick wall, obviously the wall won and the Shorty came second. This is a 2015 SWB bought new after retirement.
However, when enquiring on the availability of the required parts, a rear left taillight as well as the rear corner bumper I was told there is no stock of the latter, the rear corner bumper, in South Africa and needs to be ordered from the manufacturer, probably Japan, nor could they give me any definite lead time as to when the required part will be available.
Surely some-one somewhere along the line must have had an incident with a Pajero from the rear thus I cannot understand why such components are not readily available.
Dropped Braam Faul from Mitsubishi South Africa a e-mail Monday asking him for some support but also to date to no avail.
I can testify that Imperial Mitsubishi Kuilsrivier has got a excellent team, but again without support in the form of available parts their hands are tied.
Claim has been lodged with the insurance company and approved, but again without the necessary parts they cannot proceed with any work.
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Country: South Africa
Vehicle: Pajero SWB 2015
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Re: Do you have problems sourcing NEW parts

Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:37 pm

This is my e-mail send to Braam at Mitsubishi South Africa.

Goeie middag hier uit n droe Kaap.
Ek het my lof besing aangaande die diens wat ek van Imperial
Mitsubishi Kuilsrivier gekry het en heg dit soomer vir jou aan, het
julle Hoofkantoor ook :ge-copy" wat hul dank uitgespreek het.
Nou het ek jou hulp nodig of dalk kan jy dit net met iemand daar opvolg.
Het gister-aand n onderonsie met n muur gehad, muur gewen en in die
proses het ek die linkeragterlig sowel die "Bumper Kit RR" beskadig.
Die agterlig is blykbaar beskikbaar maar volgens die plaaslike agente
nie die Bumper Kit nie.
Die betrokke part nr is 6410BO21WB.
Is daar enige moontlikheid dat jy die betrokke part dalk in die hande
kan kry en na Imperial Mitsubishi Kuilsrivier aanstuur?
Lliewelyn Henn is my kontak daar.
Johan Coetzee

PS Die waarderings korrespondensie soos onder-aan.

Service: Mitsubishi Kuilsrivier

If you ever need better than excellent service on any Mitsubishi model
do not hesitate to call on Lliewelyn and his team at Imperial
Mitsubishi Kuilsrivier.
My experience with them is absolute unbelievable in today's world of
scams and so called mechanics. Yesterday my Pajero SWB went for the
scheduled 30K service when they obviously had to drain the oil and
replace the filter. I have fitted both a bash plate and sump protector
on the shorty and those 2component are indeed a lot of weight (Front
Runner 8mm tampered steel) and had to be removed to get to the sump
Unfortunately one of the 12mm bolts was not properly fitted and not
only damaged the treat but when it came loose caused another bolt to
break off since the weigh of the plate could not be equally handled.
Went back this morning to show them what the issue was expecting some
advice as to how I can fix it myself. To my astonishment Lliewelyn
insisted me to leave the vehicle with them so they can sort it out. In
my presence they called a company doing the "easy out procedure and
the re-tapping of all the mounting points (6 in total).
Picked up the vehicle this afternoon and to my surprise all 6 bolts
were replaced with proper 13mm new bolts and both plates are back in
alignment. This unscheduled work nor the new bolts cost me a sent,
indeed a relief to me.
Please please local people support them to your utmost.

Johan (and a big supporter of them)

Re: Do you have problems sourcing NEW parts

Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:45 am

Urgently need piston for 3.8 gls 2006. Agents can't supply

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Re: Do you have problems sourcing NEW parts

Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:10 pm

I have a terrible problem finding authintic parts for my 1990 Pajero Gen 1 E-L121GW , 6G72 in Zambia. I can't order from Mitsubishi dealer as they don't have them/can't get them and if there are parts that they can order takes 8 weeks if the order them when the say they did. I would gladly order from SA or even drive to SA if I could get parts there or even bring my vehcile there to have it restored. There is NOTHING here. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Do you have problems sourcing NEW parts

Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:36 pm

Try Mitsubishi Spares in Pretoria: +27 81 385-1662, or:

Henk De Klerk: Pretoria North +27 83 306-1848

Alternatively contact Arnold Venter at Mitsi-Tech, he may be able to help: +27 76 402-0046

- Kurt
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