High Mileage Club (>150000km)

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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:56 am

Another short story written by Keyboard Warrior Wayne "The Renegade"! We all enjoy your pompous verbosity. Please, don't stop! :D

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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:21 pm


You need a slap or two on the back!! Thanks for both articles. All is true. I wanted to boast that my 2004 3,8 GLS Pajero has passed the 165 000km reading in the Khaudum but after giving it some thought, I decided it is still in the running-in process so why brag about it.


Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:29 am

Good day All
I just would like to comment on one aspect made in one of the remarks made regarding the high mileage of a Pajero. I agree that these vehicles have "bullet proof" engines and provided they are regularly serviced will last 600000 kms +. What I want to comment on is the statement "provided the service in not carried out by a friend who thinks he knows what he is doing". If this suggests that the service should be carried out by the agents only (I certainly hope not) then I have an issue. Agents are a rip off. I bought a 2005 3.8 v6 which had all the regular services by the agents in Nelspruit.(All the invoices were in the service book). Because the mileage was high, 282000 kms I new it was due for the major service and particularly the replacement of the cam belt. I took it to my normal "back yardy" who had serviced my previous Pajero 3.0 gls and what a good thing I did. The cam belt and the tensioner had never been replaced although the vehicle had had a major service by the agents at 280000 kms and the tensioner was stuck so tight that it served no purpose at all. I contacted the agents to inquire why they did not do so but am yet to get an answer (after 8 months). One would have thought that if it was not replaced they would have recorded this in the service book, stating the reason for not doing so - eg. owner instructed us not to replace.
So I am not a fan of agents and "full service history by agents" does nothing to impress me when buying a high mileage Pajero. I am happy with "Full service history" with matching invoices/job card. I also know of a lot of people that service their own vehicles very well though the major services are a hell of a job and I would feel more at ease if it was carried out by competent service centres which need not be the agents.
Thats my 2cents worth.
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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:09 am

My Olaf is currently just over the 258,000kms (pics from our recent Kgalagadi trip) and we are just loving this car. The only 2 things I crave are SpeedCruise and the 2nd aircon but other than that, we are very happy. No major maintenance, just regular servicing and recently had Rancho shocks fitted to the OME suspension I bought the car with, and brake disc skimming and new brake pads all round. Busy saving up for some real off road tyres (I'm leaning towards Coopers) as well as some cosmetic upgrades to the rims and roofrack. Otherwise this car is stock standard 121kw with no De-cat or EGT blank-off done yet (soon though).

I dream of going full overland mod on my baby as soon as I can afford to have a seperate everyday runabout (this is also my every car at the moment) which will include snorkel, off road bumpers with winch, loadbay conversion, 2nd battery, compressor, seat covers, sound system and GPS upgrade and whatever else i can afford to do.

8-) ;) :D
Olaf the 'friendly' snowman
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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:05 pm

What model / year is your Pajero? 97 3.0 v6 swb glx
How much mileage had your Pajero done? 361 000 km
Is it the original motor? yes
Any major work? bought it a year ago, so not sure, clutch done. engine never been opened. unfortunetly valve stem seals on there way out so heads will have to come off soon.
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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:22 am

Pajero 3.2 DiD 2003 model
418000 km
1. Starter
2. Alternator
3. Brake discs
4. Origanal engine never been opened
5. Service every 7000 kms
Andre Vickers
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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:49 pm

Greetings all.

I read the article from Littleman and I totally agree that the agents are not always the way to go. Fair comment indeed.

I have all my Pajeros serviced at Malcholme's Auto Clinic in Killarney Gardens as he was Mitsubishi's top technician and has been on his own now for several years.

His work is well respected with all the people i refer to him.

The agents have massive overheads and almost impossible targets to meet and quite frankly are not always the way to go.

The tensioner story is shocking. Those must be replaced every 90 000 kms with the service and the spark plugs.

I insist to see all my old parts and in fact purchase my parts from the agents and take them to Malchome to fit.

I fully agree as long as there is a service book with accepted servicing outlets stamped all is good.

Any Pajero will run 600 000 kms plus if correctly serviced. They simply do not break.

It is a fair and correct point you made about the service book and I fully agree with you.

Both my personal Pajeros are over the 260 000 km mark and both purr when I start them and do not drop a single drop of fluid of any kind on my slate garage floor which is not sealed so it will mark, but not a drop.

That is the beauty of these vehicles.

They are tops in their class and I will willingly match mine with any other brand as to what it can and can't do.

It is time Pajero owners think like or even higher than other brand owners of what they actually have and realise it is a very good product without exception.

I specialise in buying and selling Mitsubishi products. Pajero, Colt and Triton vehicles country wide.


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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:29 am

What model / year is your Pajero? 2006 DiD LWB Pajero<br/>
How much mileage had your Pajero done? 300 000km<br/>
Is it the original motor? Yes<br/>
Any major work? Bought with around 180000km on the clock with a complete service manual, only regular services done, starter motor recon and a replaced the alternatorImage
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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:17 pm

2nd Gen Pajero 3.5 V6. 1996
519000 km.
Original motor.
Replaced intake manifold
Overhaul valve stem seals
Replaced ignition coils
Replaced alternator.
Just finished a 3000 km trip to Cape town and back
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Re: High Mileage Club (>150000km)

Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:10 pm

Good day.
I have a Pajero SWB, 1998 . 2.8GLS TDI.
Millage today 268 715.
Done a number of trips to Moz for diving, not the new tar roads. One trip into Nambia.
Not sure of the series number, but have been told that this a merc engine.
I have not had any major problems requiring dismantling of engine/gearbox. I can't remember if the clutch was even replaced. I will have to review all my service reports. BUT of note, I have never replaced any of the headlight globes, rear lights. One globe replaced on upper rear door break light and one interior globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat your hearts out Mercs, BMW and all other new cars.

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