1996 2.8TDI Pajero Gen 2 A/T Light

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1996 2.8TDI Pajero Gen 2 A/T Light

Mon Jun 27, 2022 12:32 pm

Please assist if possible:
My 1996 2.8TDI Pajero Gen 2's speedometer suddenly decided to stop working. Along with that, the A/T Box only goes through the 1st three gears, and the A/T light flashes obscene messages.
The vehicle can idle for 15 minutes or longer, and no flashing A/T light.
If you drive it, after +/- 1km, the flashing starts.
After doing a Diagnostic test, it said
38 Speed Sensor
11 TPS
I have replaced the speed sensor - No change
I have checked continuity on wire from speed sensor to dash - All OK

If anyone has some ideas, I would be very grateful.

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